Retrospectives with accountability

Sprintlio is a retrospective and action item management tool built to 10X accountability for modern teams.

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Trusted by leading engineering, operations, innovation and research teams

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Elevate your team’s ability to reflect and improve

Your team deserves more than a whiteboard and sticky notes.

Maximize participation

Have the technical and remote conversations your team desires with links, attachments, code snippets and more. If you agree, give an upvote or comment.

Guarantee accountability

Use a global action item checklist to track individual and team completion. Set owners, due dates, and reminders to follow up. Export action items right into Jira, GitHub, Trello, Pivotal Tracker and more to make sure they get completed.

Integrate with your workflow

Get reminders, recaps, and notifications in Slack. Export meetings to Confluence, Google Docs, CSV or PDF. Push action items to your project’s backlog in Jira, GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Trello, or Asana. Plus lots more.

Measure and track progress

Want to know how that meeting went? Now with sentiment analysis and metrics for team participation, accountability, and engagement, you can! Get individual and team insight.

Built into every retrospective

Everything your team needs to empower discussion and ensure action.

Infinite meeting formats

10+ default formats (Start / Stop / Continue, 4Ls, Sailboat, and more!) with the ability to add your own. Drag and drop them to the order you want! Then sort them by vote or date to hold the discussion.

Cards > sticky notes

All cards come with titles, owners, descriptions, links, code snippets, lists, attachments, open / closed status and presentation mode. Didn’t get to cover a card? Carry it forward to the next meeting.

Upvotes, comments, and anonymity

Use votes, notes, and anonymity to agree, disagree, or comment on cards. Set vote limits to democratize the process. Leave comments and get notified when your topic is noted. Use anonymity for sensitive topics.

Timers and drag & drop

Rangle in time-consuming conversations with built-in meeting and topic timers. Then drag and drop cards into clusters to organize the discussion and find consensus.

Action items

Bye bye static lists. Teams can create action items, assign owners, add due dates, and export them to their workflows - all from a card. These action items persist across all meetings and are filterable by team or individual.

Automatic recaps and reminders

Save time tying a bow on your retro and let our email recaps close the meeting for you. Don’t rely on one person to remind everyone. Let scheduled reminders for action items with due dates handle it.

Enterprise security at the core

State of the art security to protect your business, team, and data.

Data security

Our data centers are SOC 1 / SOC 2 SSAE / ISAE 3402 / PCI Level 1 / ISO 27001 compliant, hosted in the USA, protected by 24/7 manned security with multi-factor authentication, and securely backed up every 24 hours with comprehensive logs and high availability. Most importantly, your business’ data remains private to you and is only accessible to those you choose to share it with.

Application security

Sprintlio uses industry standards of HTTPS, 256-bit SSL, AES, TLS, RSA keys with a 2048-bit modulus, SHA-256, and has all databases encrypted at REST. Subscriptions are managed with the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. All authentication is hashed (and salted) securely using bcrypt and built on verified identity standards (LDAP, SAML, OAuth, OpenID, etc.).

What our customers say

"Makes retrospectives so much easier. An up and coming app with lots of potential. We use it for our retrospective meetings. So much better than what we had before! Easy upvoting on discussion items, easy to create and assign tasks. I love the meeting summary sent via email and Slack."
Solona Armstrong, Developer at Shopify
"I’ve tried many different digital retrospective tools in the past with my distributed team, but we could never find one that really enabled us to run better retrospectives. With Sprintlio, the improvements in our retros were immediate. Sprintlio led to improved accountability and more efficiency in our development process."
Daniel Kang, Scrum Master at Rangle
"We have been working with Supercut for a few months and are enjoying the experience. Our retro discussions have more depth to them and the ability to track action items and get reminders has been very helpful. The best thing about Supercut is the support we have received. Their team is always very responsive to any questions we have and is constantly adding new, valuable features to the product."
Jeff Wood, VP Product at PostBeyond
"Sprintlio has given our team a place to manage our weekly meetings with a focus on accountability and highly organized meeting notes. It’s changed the dynamics of our weekly team meetings whether in person or remote."
Ashleigh Collins, Head of Operations at TechTO
"We've been using this service at our company for the past few months. Way superior to other services (i.e. Postfacto) with all integrations and additional features. Makes running retros and tracking history a breeze."
Adrian Gazzoli, Product Manager at TribalScale

Set up your team's next retrospective today.

Trusted by leading engineering, operations, innovation, and research teams.

If you think retrospectives are fundamental to your team’s process, Sprintlio is for you. Colocated or remote. Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Agile-ish, or Waterfall. We built it for you. Your team deserves more than whiteboards and sticky notes to have discussions. You shouldn't have to take a picture to recap your meetings and to-dos. It shouldn't be one team member's responsibility to manage everyone else's action items.

Try Sprintlio free for 30 days. No risk.

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